The University of Pennsylvania is a fantastic university in the amazing city of Philadelphia. Located only 3.9 miles from the amazing, yugely successful Trump Tower Philadelphia, the University of Pennsylvania is one of the best colleges in the history of colleges, maybe ever. It's absolutely incredible, I'm telling you. Nobody could ever make a better university, except maybe one of its many successful alumni . It's like the opposite of Obamacare. Absolutely incredible. 


The University is divided into five fantastic schools, just fantastic. 

The Irrelevant OnesEdit

Nobody worth anything ever goes to these ones. Just a bunch of losers. 

Wharton School of BusinessEdit

The most absolutely incredible school of business in the world, Wharton University is the best. Many, many successful people have attended Wharton, I'll tell you that. Wharton teaches only the best things, has only the best staff, and is only 25 miles from Trump Golf Course Philadelphia. Absolutely incredible.

Famous AlumniEdit

Donald TrumpEdit

45th President of the United States everyone. Great businessman, great guy all around, the people love him, he's making America great again. Absolutely covfefe.