March 14th, 2017 was the infamous Pi Day, when all the little RAs would spring into the loving arms of the then-EA-dominated MIT 2021 Facebook and MIT 2021 groupme. It was a magical day. There was much to be done, and much to be planned. It would be the best of days, the most wonderful of days, a day of love and support and friendship and magic and SUDDENLY CHAOS REIGNED.

The Chaos Edit

As the RAs trickled into the Facebook group, all was quiet and all was welcoming. All clicked the warm and inviting groupme link. They slowly trickled in, one after another, and were welcomed with overflowing joy. Then some ho-ass snitch who had already decided to go to another school decided to share the groupme link with the world and the joy of Pi day was no more. In rushed waves of Drexel, Perdue (chicken), Yale, and some other equally insignificant schools who were salty about not getting into MIT and sought to destroy the joy of Pi day for all that had forsaken them. The war between the EAs and the invaders lasted weeks, with the RAs taking countless collateral damage. Fortunately, the great majority of the invaders were clearly not MIT, as they were crass, rude, and spoke incessantly of "turning in deposits", of which MIT has none. Unfortunately, a certain Ferris Mazur decided to make everything harder for everyone and make fake MIT acceptance letters. This man was immediately eradicated and his fake acceptance letters destroyed. However, no matter how many were removed, still more continued to join and add.

The MIT Counteroffensive Edit

The protective shield of !irenenation fell under the barrage of attacks, and any hope of GORT independence was lost as Lucas the GORTMASTER was forced to add a GORT to the chat. All was quiet once more. All was barren and lost. All was suffering. A vetting chat was created. The chat was ruled by an iron fist under the leadership of GORT and a mysterious Council. Many RAs died that day, or were terrified, never again to return to MIT. The chat didn't recover until many long weeks later. Pi Day was truly an invasion the magnitude of which no chat had ever seen before, and MIT emerged, battered, but victorious.