"smh" - Jesus Solis (Chicago Area)

Summary Edit


Jesus himself

Once, there was a man named Jesus Solis. Then there were -1/12 men and a few women named Jesus Solis. At the height of the incident the second, third, fifth, eighth, and ninth most leaderboardiest people in the class GroupMe were all named Jesus Solis. Soon after, Jonathan Tagoe, fed up with the chaos the incident had caused, decided they all needed Tagoe and kicked them out of the chat. There was peace in the GroupMe. (Except for one Jesus Solis (Chicago area) who remained unnoticed and unkicked and somehow slipped under the radar for a good half an hour before turning herself in.)

Persons Involved Edit

Some users recalled the incident as terrifying, one saying that they "had never been more scared in their life". Other users were unperturbed, more concerned with the terrifying volume of essays due a few hours ago that night. Many contemplated involving themselves in the incident, but only a few have been confirmed to have taken part. The number of victims, perpetrators, and accomplices is still unknown. Only one name in the entire incident may be considered confirmed without doubt: Jesus Solis. 

Images Edit

Screenshot 2017-06-16-18-02-18-1

A victim reacting to the incident

Screenshot 2017-06-16-18-00-55-1

A victim reacting to the incident

Screenshot 2017-06-16-18-02-04-1

A victim reacting to the incident

Screenshot 2017-06-16-18-05-18-1

The perpetrators plotting further harm

Screenshot 2017-06-16-18-01-16-1

A victim reacting to the incident