"F--- you" - GORT every single day.


Gort, in addition to protecting the chat from invaders (cough cough pi day), also provides handy features upon request, though sometimes slow. These include:  *

  •  !schools
  •  !nut
  •  !triggered
  •  !rip
  •  !flor
  •  !help
  • Iirenenation

and more that I'm forgetting tbh

Gort is infamously salty, and responds to everyone with a well-placed "fuck you". In the right context, this can be hilarious. It is predicted that Gort will someday take over the world due to the sheer entertainment value of his dialogue.



Major Release Versions Edit

  • 0: Ran on Ran only very basic commands, largely due to the design of the service used.
  • 1: Runs on Google Scripts. Has much more functionality than version 0. However, there is much lag caused by the lack of a good database service on Google Scripts, which is the reason for the creation of Alternative Gort, as well as one of the reason for the start of development of version 2.
  • 2: Will run on Github and Heroku. Planned improvements over version 1 include less lag and easier (and by extension faster) development.