MIT's famous campus preview weekend which occurred from 6 April 2017 to 9 April 2017.

Day 1: Thursday, April 6Edit

Most students participating in CPW arrive on campus. Campus police were out in force that night - good thing no one was doing anything ill advised.

Day 2: Friday, April 7Edit

The first full day of CPW. Overnight, a trip to Baker House occurred.

Day 3: Saturday, April 8Edit

Second and last full day of CPW. A mysterious, Blackjack themed hack in Lobby 7 appeared early in the day. Legends say it was put up by some of the histortiest prefeeshmen MIT has ever seen. Everyone went to bed at an appropriate hour and just had a gay old time - some more literally than others.

Day 4: Sunday, April 9Edit

Last day of CPW, students are forced to leave.